Resident Pricing
The pricing page shows monthly pricing options for the CHS housing programs. See which option fits your budget and apply for housing today!
Area Map
This page shows a map of properties currently being utilized in the CHS Shared Housing Program. View this page to see how close the properties are in relation to your campus. Feel free to call your CHS Housing Representative to get up-to-date information on Independent Housing options.
Property Photos
Choose this page to view pictures of the properties currently being utilized in the CHS Shared Housing Program. You can also see what a typical CHS apartment interior looks like after students have moved in.
Student Life
Every CHS housing student in the Shared Housing Program has the opportunity to participate in student life events. Visit this page to see photos of past events and read about other student life benefits. You can also Like Us on Facebook to view more images.
Monthly Activities
CHS believes that residents of a student housing program should enjoy social and educational activities throughout their stay at college! Your CHS Director of Housing will coordinate interactive activities where students are able to meet each other and form friendships. Activities such as bowling outings, X-Box tournaments, cookouts, trips to community events, intramural sports, study groups, movie nights, and community service events are just some of the popular programs that CHS routinely coordinates! If you have any activities that you think would be fun to do – go talk to your CHS Director of Housing!
Each CHS Director of Housing publishes a monthly newsletter for all residents and the school. The newsletter contains information including CHS office hours, Director of Housing and RA contact information, dates of monthly inspections, and announcements from the CHS corporate office. The newsletters also contain information about our monthly contest winners, dates of social activities, spotlights on school and CHS events, and feature articles about or by the students. These are a valuable source of information, and should be dropped off to your apartment at the beginning of each month.
Resident Assistants
CHS identifies leaders and role models to act as resident assistants that live within the student housing program. The RA’s go through a comprehensive resident life training program and are a valuable resource to our residents. RA's provide after hours, on-site assistance to the housing residents while assisting in the coordination and development of social and educational activities.