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Moving to a big city for school would have never happened if it weren’t for Collegiate Housing Services. My experience with CHS has been very comforting due to the professionals and their cooperation with students. Not only have they helped me with housing, but with finding plenty of new friends. My roommates and I get along great and (through them) I have had the chance to learn different backgrounds and upbringings. ,,
Samuel H.
CHS Student Resident
Indianapolis, Ind.
I would just like to express how my stay in the Irving Texas Housing through Collegiate Housing was made so easy. With the help of Erica Wells who made sure from the time I arrived to the time I left was very easy. Anytime I had a question I was able to reach her at ease even if I didn't leave a message she would call me back with any concerns. When my father became ill she was also very helpful with helping me set up all the transfer paperwork through this whole time she made it as simplified as she possibly could. Thank you Collegiate and Erica for helping me make my transfer so at ease. ,,
Elisabeth V.
CHS Student Resident
Hillside, IL
I would like to thank the Collegiate Housing Services team at DeVry University, in Irving, Texas, for their Above and Beyond work in making the transition for my son, to college a whole lot easier. Before moving, the housing situation was one of my biggest worries, in that my son would be 6 hours away and living on his own for the first time. To my extreme satisfaction, any worries about housing, soon disappeared, thanks to the hard work and attention to detail provided by your team. ,,
Mark D.
CHS Student Resident
Conway, AR
Through all of my years of dealing with schools and staff, I have never had someone that genuinely cared about the kids and parents the way Erica does. She has put me at ease and has become much more than a CHS representative, she has become a friend. I truly believe that God knew I would need such a person as Erica and that He had a hand in her going to the Irving campus. Thank you for employing such a wonderful person. ,,
Kimberly H.
CHS Student Resident
Ridgeland, Mississippi
I have been in the Collegiate Housing Services program for five months. I am an out of state student coming from El Paso, Texas. Without the program, I wouldn’t have been able to pursue my (schooling) career in Phoenix, Ariz. I do not have any relatives or friends in Arizona.

I am straight out of high school and I knew I wasn’t ready to live alone. Thanks to the CHS program, I am able to continue my goals in life. I’ve gained a great home with great roommates to share it. We’re also surrounded by many different stores and attractions. School is also very close to us. CHS has done a great job of helping out of state students have a great place to call home.
Vanessa B.
CHS Student Resident
Phoenix, Ariz